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4.0 ( 3440 ratings )
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개발자: Fruit Byte
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Game designed by 6 years old kid for kids and their parents! Helps to learn numbers and arithmetic in fun way.
Tap and Catch fruits, bonuses, avoid monkeys and the Evil Witch. Help the Hedgehog to make through every stage.
Classic arcade game, puzzle and bubble popping joy in one package! AppleFun is fun for adults and kids.
Eight unique animated settings: Fruit Orchard, Forest, Japanese Garden, Palm Island, Night Garden and so on. Score points and open next locked stage.
Yes, and a lot of fruits! They all have different behavior and score value. Apples are most common and you will see them in the first stage. Others are peaches, oranges, pears and coins. Right, only in Apple Fun you will encounter coin fruits. Most unpredictable fruits are oranges. Weird, isnt it?
Be patient, stages get open as you progress through the game. Many bonuses and surprises are awaiting you.
Choose your own strategy to score. Pick most valuable ripen fruits only or tap on as many fruits as you can. This game may be played either as a pure fast paced arcade or puzzle.
Avoid monkeys and evil witches that want to steal fruits and points from the Hedgehog. See what happens if you tap on Hedgehogs foes.
If default level of complexity becomes too easy for you, you may increase it. Just go to the Settings menu and choose High difficulty.

Have fun!